since the closure of NOF on Azuma Island, Yokosuka, Japan


In 2020, AOM will have its 46th Annual Reunion on the east coast.

That reunion will honor all those who served on Azuma Island.

From 1945 to 1970, hundreds of Minemen and others rode the "Mike" boats from Fleet Activities-Yokosuka to "Baka Shima."
 Many men claimed that this was their favorite duty station.

We would like to pay honor to these men and list them here.


If you served on Azuma Island, please send your
 personal data to me to be included in the table below.


NAME (L) NAME (F) Highest Rank
  on Azuma
Years on Azuma
E-MAIL Address
MN3 1957-59 Mine Assy. Conover, NC
TROUTMAN Richard MN2 1960-62 Stock Control/Mine Assy/Utilities Summerville, SC
ROBERTS Bill MN1 1956-58 Mine Assy. Elkton, FL
TIDRICK Herb MN3 1969-71 Mine Assy. W.Lafayette, OH
DEFREES Bob MN2 1970-71 Mine Assy. Gilbert, AZ
BAUER Al MN2 1969-71 Mine Assy./
Comp. Test
Goose Creek, SC
VOLLMER Reg MN3 1957-60 Mine Assy. Spokane, WA
SMITH Philip MN1 1955-56 Mine Assy.
Test Set Rep.
Cookeville, TV



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