Our shipmates and their military history are dying at an alarming rate, I believe that it is time and appropriate that we should make an effort to re-identify all of our Minemen that have gone in harms way and that have been recognized by the U.S. Navy, with applicable awards for doing so. I have done some research into the matter and would you believe there are no repository or Naval records available concerning most awards received and/or issued. Before its too late we must gather or attempt to gather as many names of those Minemen who received combat related awards and preserve and present the data in such a manner that it will reflect the great contributions that the Minemen have made to the Navy, Minewarfare and the Country and further establishing a legacy for the Minemen of the future. CDR William A. Roberts, USN (Ret)

The following information is requested from those that have been there, having served in combat actions or in support of combat actions while in a combat zone as designated by an Executive Order from the President  and that are reflected by the receipt of one or more of the following awards: (The carriers on Yankee and Dixie Stations off of Vietnam qualify as would any subsequently designated Combat Zones.)

It is further requested that if you are aware of any Mineman who has received at least one of these awards and they are not aware of this request or are no longer with us please forward their name (s) along with what data is available. We would like to get this project underway ASAP so your im­mediate response would be greatly appreciated.

Please use the following format for reporting: Name of recipient, rate/rank, award, date, location. 

Forward your input to Derick S. Hartshorn - 1204 4th Street Drive, SE - Conover, NC 28613-1827

As a long range project this information could be presented by the AOM, in plaque form to the new Minewarfare School, San Diego.

The Illustrations of awards and the recipients