Iraqi Mines (Submitted by Don Decrona)

We don't hear much about what those coalition forces are doing.  A lot of it has to do with mine warfare.  What we have here is an illustration of Fourth Generation Naval Warfare, in which a commercial tug masquerades as a minelayer, with the mines hidden inside oil drums, and stored inside an innocent looking Conex.  Cheers for the Aussies.  Enjoy the pictures.
From a colleague who has donated the pictures to my growing collection...

For those that didn't get to see them on the news, these are the mines we
found on the tugs by Australian navy sailors.  The gray ones with the
horns are the floating contacts i.e. float partially submerged and make direct
contact with the side of the ship, and the green cone shaped ones are the
bottom dwelling magnetic influence type which sit on the shallow bottom
and wait for the ship to go over the top.  When the mine senses the magnetic
attraction decreasing it will go off.  You can see how they hid one lot
inside some cut out oil drums, and the others were inside the pontoon
attached to the tug.  Looks as though they could be launched undetected
through the sides of the pontoon on the rail system as the tug moves
through the Gulf. The red container on the pontoon had the soft patch inside
under the floor boards, which is how they got down inside the pontoon where the
mines were.

                                Iraqi Manta Mine