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Photo was taken in late 1990 At Det. 7 Hawaii. This was the last service MK 57 in the mineforce
to be prepped for demil. This demil action encompassed bringing the anchor/mech sections into the shop
and separating the anchor from it. The anchor went into a 55 gallon drum and was shipped to a contractor for either land burial or burning (not sure). The mech sections got recrated and went to Hawthorne, NV.
Personnel pictured in the photo are as follows (left to right):
MN3 Elmhorst:  Currently MN1 stationed at Unit 11,  MNSN Miller: Separated in 1991,
MN1 Dunn: Cross-rated to a Seabee rate in the early to  mid 90's   CWO4 Keith: Retired in 1992, 
MN1 Bray: Currently MNC at Unit 8 , MN1 McGinn: Currently MNC at Unit 10 , MN2 Brun: Separated in 1991, MNSN Demorel: Whereabouts unknown, MN3 Harvey: Whereabouts unknown ,MN3 Meyers: Separated in 1991, MN3 Tatinen: Whereabouts unknown, MN3 Agenbroad: Whereabouts unknown , MN2 Weller: Currently MN1 at Unit 3, MNSN Ellis: Whereabouts unknown, MN1 Harvey: Retired in 1998, MN1 Jennifer Lauffenburger: Currently MN1 , MN1 David Lauffenburger: Currently LTjg on a ship, SK1 Moralles: Retired 1993, MNC Chevilicek: Retired in the mid 90's, Personnel not pictured: MNCS Al Bower, MNC Barry Hicks.
Photo and information courtesy of  MNC John Bray & scanning by MNCS Jerry Williams   June 21, 1999