MEMBERSHIP: Voting members, Any person, active or retired, regular or reserve, military or civilian who is a graduate of the BUORD sponsored Mineman special training course and Minecraft, Mine School Pearl Harbor, T. H. (1935 to 1941), The Naval School Mine Warfare at Yorktown, VA. from 1941 through DEC. 1958 and/or the Naval School, Fleet and Mine Warfare Training Center at Charleston, SC from Jan. 1959, the Mine Warfare Training Center in Ingleside, TX and the new Mine Warfare Training Center at Point Loma, San Diego, CA or was designated a "Mineman" are to be considered a voting member; in addition, any person previously or currently involved in any facet of mine warfare including design/development, production/testing, training, logistics, mine laying/sweeping and/or sea or shore mining operational aspects are to be considered voting members.




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