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February 12, 2016
Dear Shipmates,


For those with a tender heart, it's not too late to get a card for that sweetheart or, if you're feeling flush, a box of chocolates or a box of flowers. Happy Valentine's day to all those wonderful ladies that have had to put up with us for all these years.
Those with Facebook have been able to keep up with Tom Hoffman's progress with cancer. For those not so inclined, I am echoing his posts here.


MY CANCER OPERATION - Today is Sunday, Feb 7th at about 8am. Had my operation Friday for over 6 hours. Got out of operating room about 9:30PM. Major pain In the stomach area but it is rapidly declining. I am sitting on bedside writing this. Doctors seem impressed with my recovery. Walking has impressed them.My private nurse, my wife, has been at my side. First night never left my room. She has a hospital hotel room. Have not ate anything since Wednesday at 5:30pm. A doctor just left and said liquid broth today :-)) I guess the next big test is the pathology of what was removed. I feel great with the exception of some pain in stomach area. Doctors seem happy with my physical condition. I told them coffee & donuts done it. Sorry but another cancer doctor just stopped in. He gave good word. Solid food tomorrow. Will surely be soft food. Well gonna walk for a while. Please keep me in your prayers and thoughts.
FYI - Cancer Hospitalization. The lead doctor said because I am in such good physical condition and Molly said since I feel good I should come home. Molly was told I was having a "tune up". May get released tomorrow PM. 3 days early. Of course the big step is the pathology. Praying for it to be clean. 

Really great news! Should you care to send a card to Tom, address it to:

Thomas H. Hoffman
2266 E. Hurd Rd.
Monroe, MI 48162-9354 
or e-mail at

I called Curtis the other day and he asked me to convey his thanks for all the contacts and prayers since he has been hospitalized. 
As you recall, he had an unfortunate encounter with a boat propeller and nearly lost his life. Since then his cancer has developed and he has had to move closer to the hospital in Charleston and get out of the commercial fishing business (for now).
He informs us that his radiation protocol has been completed, during which time he was treated twice a day; 8am and 2:30pm. The next step is for a CT scan of his lungs. The cancer in the lymph nodes of his neck is still there and the doctors hope to treat that after Curtis has gained his strength. With prayers and excellent medical care, we all expect this fighter and his wonderful wife, Mary, to join us in Yorktown.
Cards of cheer and contacts may be made at the following:

Curtis T. Christian, III
9071 Delancey Street
No. Charleston, SC 29406

(843) 818-1169

I received a letter from our good friend and Honorary AOM member, Jorgen Strange Lorenzen, CDR, RDN (ret.) which I would like to share. He writes:

I'm still alive and more busy than ever before. In December a meeting with high ranking officers from the Danish naval command in respect to their service. One of them belongs to our Queen's service, the other an  admiral. That was a closed session. Theme: My life or a legends life. I got all the credit for my presentation - and again more work. See the photo with my display  "A Men - A Camera a -  War".
When I passed 90 years of age I held a dinner party for app. 70 persons. In relation to families - the few persons that I associate with in my work and for other volunteers. I consider that as my duty for my country.

I felt that it was time I mailed you as I heard that a snowstorm was coming over the eastern part of your country. And I felt this morning that I better to get a greeting out to my friends in the US. :We have  had some nasty days with deep freezing situation - not good for an old man.
So I made a decision to take a few days "off duty". Thursday, I'm on my way on a trip to South Africa. From home to destination app. 24 hours. Temp. 30˚ C (86˚ F).

I have inserted a letter from the manager of my home in Safari Camp. That gives an idea of what kind of guest that is coming - me. I was down there for a year ago. Go down to get energy for the work waiting back home.  
I should have got that mail out for month ago. No way. My work starts seldom later than 0500 AM at 6PM I'm normally worn out.
All the best to my  old AOM - give them a greeting from me.




Respectfully submitted,

Derick S. Hartshorn
Communications Coordinator