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March 5, 2016



Ft. Magruder Hotel & Conference Center
AOM member and 2016 Reunion coordinator, Stephanie Cowart is formulating plans for our annual October get-together. Now a civilian and Manager for Green Mountain Coffee (Keurig), she is working with Eddie Atkins and Danny Epperly to make this the best reunion ever. 

Our planner, Stephanie Cowart

As is the tradition, we are alternating reunion locations between the West Coast and the East Coast. This year, we will be on the East Coast, near where we first became Minemen: NSMW Yorktown.
A web page has been erected to share all details about the Reunion. Forms for making reservations will be provided when more information is available. All details will be announced on this web site.

  It has been a while since we celebrated the birthday of one of our colleagues in this newsletter. Our dear friend, Don DeCrona has been a frequent attendee at AOM reunions in the past and has always been active in Mine Warfare activities. Today, we would like to join with him and help him celebrate his 87th birthday. A card of cheer, a phone call or an e-mail would probably light up his life on this special day. He may be contacted as follows:
Donald A. DeCrona
2556 Rampart Terrace
Reno, NV 89509-8361
Happy Birthday, Don.



Just as we don't normally celebrate birthdays, retirements don't normally appear on the pages of Mineman News. However, this retirement is rather historic.
Former Mineman, Nathan Miranda, CWO4 USNR (Ret) recently retired as Assistant Deputy Director; Operations at California Science Center in Los Angeles, located near the LA Colosseum. Prior to Nate's retirement from the Museum, he was intimately involved with the planning and execution of the Space Shuttle Endeavor move and transit from LAX through the streets of LA to the Museum. Noting that the move could not be "topped" as a career achievement he decided to retire. A little over a year later after NASA made the shuttle fuel tank available to the museum he was called and asked to return as a consultant and help plan and execute the move of the tank to the museum.
"The tank - sitting atop dollies on a 42-wheel transportation device - will start its trek along city streets before dawn May 21. It will head to the 90 Freeway, on to Culver and Lincoln Boulevards, then to Westchester Parkway. It will go through Inglewood on Arbor Vitae Street to La Brea Avenue, drive past the Forum on Manchester Boulevard, then north on Vermont Avenue to the museum.
The 16.5-mile trek at about 5 mph is expected to take 16 to 18 hours. At 66,000 pounds, ET-94 is less than half the weight of Endeavour, but it is longer. Unlike the shuttle, it has no wings, which will make it easier to maneuver on roadways, said Nathan Miranda, who is managing the move for the Science Center. Officials say no trees will have to be uprooted for the move, something that had to be done to accommodate Endeavour."
This tribute to Nate and the difficult task of moving the shuttle Endeavor fuel tank through the streets of Los Angeles can be found on the pages of the Los Angeles Times.

Respectfully submitted,

Derick S. Hartshorn
Communications Coordinator