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March 24, 2016
Dear Shipmates,
Wear your AOM jacket with pride...but don't wait too long to order!
Thanks to Tom Hoffman, we have a limited number of AOM jackets. If you would like one, you'll have to act quickly.
Our AOM President, Tracey Hays, who also acts as our storekeeper, has five of these jackets in stock; one Large and one Small that have the same exact back as Tom's. In addition she has one Medium, one Large, and one XL that have the phrase "Dedicated to Serving THE U.S. NAVY MINEFORCE" under the mine logo. 
These unique jackets are $100 each, including shipping.Tracey says, "I just want to make it clear that Tom did all of the legwork regarding these jackets, which are beautiful. He purchased a jacket, had it embroidered, and wore it to the last reunion in Reno. He also recommended the embroiderer, and paid the set-up fees himself. Credit where it is due."
Tom writes: "I am sending pictures of the new AOM jackets. (front & back). 
On the front right side, I had my own embroidery done with my name. The AOM logo on the left front is already done. The embroiderer that does the jacket may do your name. You will have to check with Tracey for additional embroidery. For everyone's info, any place that does embroidery can match the color. Anyone wanting a jacket should contact Tracey Hays."
Tracey's cell is 860-559-9724, and the e-mail is


You can't keep a good man down for long. After a recent operation, Tom writes back that things are really looking good. Prayer really works!


To all my friends, AOM members and shipmates.  I have been receiving inquiries on my medical condition after being diagnosed with bladder cancer a little over a year ago.  I received six weeks of BCG treatments and after given time to work it was determined the treatments failed. 
     On Friday, February 5th I was admitted to the University of Michigan Hospital for a Radical Cystectomy. I was in surgery for 7 hours and while I was in recovery my wife was informed everything went well.  We were informed that the hospital stay would be a minimum of 5 to 7 days. 
     On Sunday the 7th the team of doctors told me I would be discharged after 4 days because I was in such good shape. Me in good shape???  Prior to being advised that I had cancer I worked out 7 days a week. I quit when informed of the cancer.  When I was young and told someone had cancer you made final arrangements. 
     On Monday, March 21st I reported to the hospital for a gang of appointments. Two cancer doctors, one my surgeon, were happy with my progress. They said that I should report back in 8 weeks for another checkup. As it is I am doing great and will have continued checkups.  I must give my feelings on my surgeon, Doctor Alon Weizer.  I found out he was the head of the cancer division at the hospital. This guy is number 1 in my book.  My wife being a nurse, RN and a health care attorney has ranked him on top.  Thanks Dr. Weizer.
     I am looking forward to our October reunion. All those who attend are great people. If by chance I have news after my next checkup I will inform everyone.
Tom Hoffman
AOM Board of Directors
Really great news! Should you care to send a card to Tom, address it to:
Thomas H. Hoffman
2266 E. Hurd Rd.
Monroe, MI 48162-9354 
or e-mail at

Here's a chance to read the story of those who served on PBRs in Vietnam.     I don't know if Cecil Martin is mentioned in the book but as a recommend from Ron Swart, it's got to be a good read. It can be ordered from Amazon.





Respectfully submitted,

Derick S. Hartshorn
Communications Coordinator