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June 12, 2015

Dear Shipmates,


With a little over four months to go, you need to begin planning for the 2015 Reunion in Reno, Nevada. Time's a wastin' !



The latest dates and plans are posted on the web page. The menu has been established, the room rates are set and the schedule is cast in stone.

 BE THERE! Make your reservations NOW.



Many folks remember deceased shipmate, Ed Caffrey who passed away quite some time ago. His widow, Lorrain Caffrey has gone on to join him in heaven.



Lorrain Caffrey  July 11, 1937 - June 9, 2015




GOOSE CREEK - Lorrain Caffrey, 77, of Goose Creek, passed away at her home, on Tuesday, June 9, 2015. She was born in Brooklyn, New York, July 11, 1937, a daughter of the late John Edward Rice and Elaine Catherine Thomas Rice. In loving memory of Lorrain C. Caffrey. Her smile lit up the room, her laugh echoed for ages, and her right hand was always on a bingo dauber no matter win, lose, or split. Some called her a friend, while others called her Nana. Corey and Carol called her Mom. She may not be here physically, but will always remain in our hearts. Visitation will be Saturday, June 13, 2015, from 10:00 am to 11:00 am at Carolina Memorial Funeral Home. Funeral service will follow at 11:00 am in Carolina Memorial Funeral Home Chapel, entombment to follow at Carolina Memorial Park. She is survived by a son: Corey Caffrey of Goose Creek, SC, and one daughter Carol Fannin of Ohio. Arrangements provided by Carolina Memorial Park, Funerals and Cremations, 7113 Rivers Ave., N. Charleston, SC 29406. A memorial message may be sent to the family by visiting


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Ron was tasked by Don Jones to explain what and where the records and repositories of our past now lie. He responded as follows:


"[I have been] challenged to track down the old MWTC/CMWC archives and repository that was moved under BRAC from its home at the schoolhouse in Charleston to Corpus Christi in the early 90's.  Prior to the move from Charleston, a 'team' of individuals, (reportedly Naval Reserve personnel), and ostensibly screened the collection culling the valueless from the valuable.   What remained was shipped to CCTX and, since the school had no funding for someone to replace Iris Rubio, the librarian and caretaker, what was left of the repository was held in CMWC spaces.  It remained there until the former CMWC was absorbed by Navy Mine Warfare and Antisubmarine Command and moved to SDGO, CA.  CDR Wes Cooper, CO, MWTC, filled in some blanks: the repository ended up at the new MWTC in SDGO and since MWTC had no funding for a librarian, and there were no other takers locally, it was sent to the Naval History and Heritage Command at the Washington Navy Yard.  The NHHC website offers the below guidance and criteria regarding the submission of material for archiving. I've been in touch with their curator and if you agree, will send them a list of the historical material I have in my possession, including the objects that Don left with me for proper display and archival.  The material that is accepted remains available to the general public for research, and when appropriate, put on display.  Since we don't have a place to archive our own historical AOM/MN material, perhaps the NHHC would be a good place to retain the most valuable objects and such.  Your thoughts and guidance will be most welcome.  


All the best, Ron Swart 




  Dreambook, the  GUESTBOOK that has existed on our web page for many years has been discontinued as of March 15, 2015, suddenly and without warning by All messages that were logged in have disappeared and are irretrievable. I apologize for this since many folks who signed the book are now deceased and their final words are now gone. 

 The GUESTBOOK has been replaced with the one that was on my personal web site. Please continue to refer to this book and sign it as you feel the need. 




►  In a previous edition, the photo that was supposed to be Millie Reid was incorrect. I apologize for the error.


► Mike Femrite writes: "I was just going to write you about the reservation form, I made a mistake on the price of the Picnic Buffet.  The adults should be $20.00 each and the child should be $10.00"  We sure don't want the kids to pay more than the adults!




Ron Swart, traveling incogneto, was  identified as the mystery mineman by Bob Defrees,  Coral MacIntosh, Dale Smith, Mike Femrite and John Epps.




Trying to find a mystery mineman is not easy. Thanks to Judge George Preston, this guy may stump most of you unless you were in Yokosuka in 1954.Who is this mineman?




If you know the identity of this mystery mineman, write me back.