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October 10, 2014

Dear Shipmates,


The 40th annual Association of Minemen Reunion is now history. Those who were unable to attend missed one of the best attended and most enjoyable reunions in many years. Photos of our activities will soon appear on the web page





Many attendees made a tour of Charleston and the Battery 


John Loonam and daughter, Sandy, have traditionally been our reunion photographers. They may not get the accolades they deserve but they certainly have earned them. Those who were unable to attend the reunion will have the opportunity to obtain a reunion booklet with photos of our activities. Stay tuned for the availability. 






Just one table hosting about 100 attendees.

Attendance exceeded expectations, the venue at Town & Country Inn & Suites was superb, the dinner included the best food we have enjoyed in a long time and the picnic was fantastic. Many thanks go to Dick Schommer, the reunion planner and to Toby Horn, mover, shaker and reunion organizer. Without these two gentlemen, we would have been toasting marsh mellows at Folly Beach, and not much else. 





Auctioneer Glenn Hartshorn, Honorary Member and son of Derick
 Hartshorn, drums up business as Toby Horn describes merchandise.


The auction, held during the picnic, offered a wide range of memorabilia, comfort items and stuff that seemed to be much in demand. Toby utilized the assistance of a new auctioneer, Glenn  Hartshorn, son of the Webmaster, Derick Hartshorn, who used his expertise to bring in nearly $3,800--that's five scholarships for our AOM Scholarship Fund. Members were exceedingly generous in their donations for the auction--AOM thanks them for their generosity. News on the success of our efforts to provide scholarships for 2013-2014 time period will appear in the next DASHPOT.



At this time, the newsletter is going out to 19 new AOM members. We are trying our best to make membership in AOM worth the paltry $15 annual membership. For that, members get the quarterly journal, the DASHPOT, the newsletter, the MINEMAN NEWS. In addition, members enjoy the comradeship that only a small, elite cadre of navy minemen enjoy. We offer a ship's store with exciting stuff to wear and brag about. Our annual reunions are worth the cost of membership alone. If you know a mineman who hasn't yet joined, give 'em a shout and tell them about us. Qualifications and a membership application can be found on the web page 


(L to R) Tracey Hays, Pres., John Epps, VP, 
Eddie Atkins  and Danny Epperly, Board of Directors


Every three years, we elect a new AOM President. Gary Cleland has served an exemplary term as President. He is now wearing a brand new "Past President" award. Tracey Hays has been elected President and John Epps has replaced her as Vice President. Eddie Atkins and Danny Epperly have agreed to continue their fine service on the Board of Directors. We look for great things from this slate of officers. The next DASHPOT will provide an updated list of officers.



So much news has been forthcoming from the reunion that

another MINEMAN NEWS will be sent tomorrow. Stay tuned.



Respectfully submitted.


Derick S. Hartshorn
Communications Coordinator