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October 11, 2014

Dear Shipmates,


This is a continuation of the October 10th MINEMAN NEWS Please pay attention to the notification of those who need our support.




Tomorrow is the 71st anniversary (October 12, 1943) of the creation

 of the Mineman rating. Why they decided to do it on my birthday, 

I have absolutely no idea.




If you didn't attend the 2014 reunion, you may not have kept current with your annual AOM dues. We don't want to lose a single member. If your dues have expired, please put a check in the mail to Mike Femrite for $15 in order to continue to receiving this newsletter and the DASHPOT.




AOM attending membership selected the spot for the 2016 Reunion site. Details will be provided in the next DASHPOT. The 2015 reunion site at Reno, Nevada was selected at last year's reunion as we planned for our return to the traditional "West Coast" reunion. 


Don Healer, editor of the DASHPOT, will provide details about the 2016 "East Coast" reunion site in the next edition.




Those recognized as Mineman of the Year were selected independently by the fleet. Their identity and photos have been added to the web page.  Their descriptive biographies will be presented in the next DASHPOT.





Very few folks are aware of the US Naval Sea Cadet Corps program. There is more to it than can be provided here. It was established in 1954 by the Navy League of the United States. It is supported by the US Navy and the US Coast Guard. AOM member and past president, Warren H. Savage, Jr. is the National Chairman and has contributed a major part of his life toward the success of this organization. Founded on the premise that that service in the US Navy is a noble pursuit, he has influenced the lives and careers or many of our youth. To Warren, those who love the navy and have a deep interest in maritime activities, owe him a very deep debt of gratitude. At a later date, a web page will be erected to help publicize the importance of this opportunity for the youth of America to become involved in the US Navy and Coast Guard.






One of our most distinguished members and Navy Cross recipient, has failed to attend recent reunions due to health issues. I am speaking of Cecil Martin, LT, USN (Ret.). As you may be aware, the new NSMW building in San Diego has been named after Cecil. Check out the web page


Cecil recently had eye surgery and seems to have qualified for a second purple heart. Cecil writes:


"Here's my new eyeballs with the resulting shiner!! Had left eye done yesterday and right eye done 3 weeks ago - didn't get shiner on the first eye.


Went back to Dr. for checkup this morning and was told that I'm better than 20/20 in the right eye and very close to 20/20 in the left eye even though the lens was replaced only yesterday. Right eye got the Toric lens that neither medicare nor TFL pays for so that one was on me but the left eye was able to be fixed with a standard lens so it will be paid for by medicare and TFL. I'll still need reading glasses because of my astigmatism.


You folks down in Charleston have a great MN Reunion and TOBY H. Here's my new e-mail address:" 


Here's your chance to send Cecil (AOM member #16) a card of cheer at:


Cecil H. Martin 

3612 N. Coles St.  

Casey, IL 62420-3426  



Minemen are the greatest sailors who have ever worn the navy uniform. We always step up to the plate to support and honor our fallen comrades and those who have unfortunately managed to get their names on the Binnacle List. 

 Recent reports inform us that fellow mineman, Ron Gentry has suffered from several serious health problems. Ray was a faithful attendee at AOM reunions until his health began to fail. If that weren't enough, Ron's daughter, Roxanne has also been unable to perform her duties as a flight crew member. She also needs our thoughts and prayers.


Please, if you can spare a buck or so on a card of cheer, send it to Ron and Roxanne at the following address:


Ron Gentry

56 South Shell Road

Debary, FL 32713

 or call them to voice your support at:

 H: (386) 668-5703

  C: (386) 479-9093




CORRECTION: In the October 10th edition, I identified our new Vice President incorrectly. He is and should ever be known as John Epps.

 Also, Gary is Cleland, not the similar sounding city in Ohio. Sorry!





Respectfully submitted.


Derick S. Hartshorn
Communications Coordinator