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October 17, 2013





Dear Mineman shipmate,


This year's Association of Minemen Reunion attendees have returned from our gathering at Whidbey Island, WA. We had a great time together and thoroughly enjoyed the activities, including visits to the Naval Air Station, the Saturday dinner and awards ceremony, the Sunday cookout picnic and auction and all the great camaraderie.


Getting together once a year at these reunions is one of the best experiences that AOM members can enjoy. It all reflects back to who we are. Among naval units, both shipboard and shore side, the Mineman is one of the most unique ratings in the navy. Small as we are (fewer sailors have worn the mineman rating on their sleeve than just about any other rating), we are a proud, navy family. Most of our older members enjoy friendships that have lasted 60 years or more. Younger Minemen are building a foundation for this new generation.


The oldest among us enlisted just after Pearl Harbor. The youngest just graduated from the Mine Warfare Training Center in San Diego. AOM shares a bond that goes back to 1974 when a group of Minemen decided to form a cohesive unit to help promote our common bond.


Our Mission Statement reads: 


  • To cherish the memories, experiences and associations of our Mine Warfare Forces, Units and Personnel during peacetime and while engaged in the World Wars, Military Actions, Conflicts and Campaigns waged for humanity; To instill and stimulate love of our Country and our Flag; To promote and further patriotic education in our Nation.
  • Ever to maintain law and order, and to defend the honor, integrity, and supremacy of our National Government and the Constitution of the United States; To foster relations among all branches of the Armed Forces, including those of Allied Nations.
  • To acquire and preserve records of U.S. Navy Mine Warfare Force services, including individual achievements and their associated honors and awards; To encourage and assist in the holding of Commemorations and the establishment of Memorials dedicated to accomplishments of U.S. Navy Mine Forces; And to transmit all these ideals to posterity; under God and for our Country, we unite to establish THE ASSOCIATION OF MINEMEN


Your name was sent to the Membership Committee as a potential member  either by a fellow Mineman or from the membership list of TogetherWeServed. In any case, WE WANT YOU to share the same pride that our current members enjoy. You may have been an MNSN or MN3 with only one tour of duty (we have many of those) or you may have been an LDO with 30 year's service (we have many of them too). It doesn't matter. If you were a Mineman, this is an opportunity to share your navy pride with others that served in the Mine Force.


  • We have merchandise in the Ship's Store that identifies you as a Mineman. From caps, to shirts, belt buckles, challenge coins, etc., this is an opportunity to identify yourself as a proud Mineman. 
  • We offer you the opportunity to support our scholarship program that has awarded hundreds of scholarships to needy students. A portion of your dues go to support this effort.
  • Our quarterly newsletter, the Dashpot,  provides an opportunity to keep up with your Mineman shipmates. E-mail address are provided, photos and news stories abound. This is mailed to members only.
  • Our web site contains a treasure trove of news and photos from WWII to present. A search engine helps you find that shipmate you may have served with. Contributions of photos, news, scuttlebutt, are eagerly sought to be included in the web site.  Scanned hi-res photos are wanted. If you can't scan them, we'll be happy to do so and return the pictures.
  • A periodic newsletter, The Mineman News, has been sent to all known Minemen since its inception, with timely news about fallen comrades and other interesting events.  The Constant Contact format makes for easier reading and is sent whenever the need arises.

And now the bad news! Because we are limited to the number of names we can send the Mineman News to, this will be our last contact with you as a non-member. Since the number of members has significantly increased this year, we must give first priority to them.


We want you in our ranks! It's not too late to join AOM. The web site has a membership requirements page and a form  for joining. PLEASE

--take the time to fill out the application and send it in, together with a check for the dues 



We are looking forward to having you in our ranks and seeing you in person at our 2014 Reunion in Charleston, SC.




For the Board of Directors,


Derick S. Hartshorn

Membership Chairman