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October 30, 2013




As some of you may know, our former Sec./Treas., Curtis Christian is a part-time catfish farmer.  This notice comes from Toby Horn just learned of a terrible accident involving Curtis.




Sorry to inform you that I just got a call from Curtis Christian, and he is in a bad way.  He was thrown from his boat while out on Lake Marion tending his trot lines.  The boat turned on him and ran over him causing severe lacerations of feet, legs and hip.  While bad things happened, good ones did too.  For the first time he can remember, he forgot to attach his "kill switch" cord which he has always done while out alone.  He was fortunate to have on his self-inflating life vest, which kept him afloat.  The boat took on water and sank enough to kill the motor, so he was able to hold on to it and call for help.  Some people on shore heard him calling and notified 911.  One of his neighbors saw all the commotion and he and lady friend came for him and got him in their boat. She was a nurse and immediately realized thermal distress, covered him with boat cushions and life vests and held him to her body for body warmth.  The ambulance was at the local marina dock by the time they got there and medics took over.  He said he is full of stitches, hurting like hell and can't walk, but has much to be thankful for.  He said "it all counts on twenty"!  That's our Curtis!  He said there is nothing anyone can do - has wonderful neighbors - and they and Mary are taking good care of him.  I'll keep you posted with anything else I hear.  --Toby




New UUV Mothership Hits the Fleet: The Coastal Command Boat




The U.S. Navy recently introduced the new 65-foot Coastal Command Boat (65PB1101, or CCB) into the fleet. Among other maritime security missions, the CCB will test new concepts in employing unmanned underwater vehicles. The one-of-a-kind vessel was developed following a 2008 Congressional earmark for $5 million. After a transit from its building location in Bremerton, the SAFE Boat-manufactured CCB arrived in Coronado, California in August, where it been assigned to Coastal Riverine Group 1 (CRG-1). The CCB is a preview of the Navy's upcoming 85-foot Mark VI patrol boats, six of which have been planned for delivery in FY13/14.

The boat has been configured to operate the MK 18 Mod 2 Kingfish UUV for mine counter-measures operations. Two of the 800-pound, 12-inch diameter UUVs sit in cradles on the stern of the CCB and are launched with the boat's hydraulic crane. The Navy is considering deploying the CCB to the Middle East for operational testing sometime in the next year. Operating up to day-long missions from a shore base or even the well deck of a larger amphibious mothership, the CCB and MK VI PBs will deploy multiple mine-hunting UUVs.

The Navy has also tested the man-portable SeaFox mine neutralizer from rigid-hull inflatable boats (RHIBs). If equipped with SeaFox, the CCB and MK VI could not only find, but clear, detected mines, a capability that today is conducted with much larger dedicated mine countermeasures ships.


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