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March 23, 2015



Dear Shipmates,


In our last issue of MINEMAN NEWS, we notified the readership of a tragedy in our Mineman family. I'd like to issue an update as well as a challenge. As a Mineman family, we tend to be sympathetic to worthwhile causes, especially toward those of us who have suffered life-changing difficulties. Our scholarship fund has provided a life-changing opportunity for younger folks seeking a chance to succeed in higher education. Now, a different kind of event has taken place that should stir our membership to action.




Cole Chapman, husband of MNC (SW) Rachel Chapman, has suffered a life changing event. While Cole is up-beat, Rachel, is coping with the tragedy and the children are trying to understand why Daddy is in bed all the time and has no legs. There is something that we can do to help these good Christian folks who have serious needs. AOM members have always been willing to step forward to meet the need and this is just such a time.


I am asking our MINEMAN NEWS readership and Minemen everywhere to step up and help this family as they are able. A web page has been set up to photographically document the lives of the Chapman family.


On that page, a fund has been established to help supply their needs of handicapped housing, child care expenses and other costs associated with this life-changing situation.


The fund (GoFundMe) will accept a couple of bucks or a couple of thousand bucks, depending on where your heart and pocketbook are. I am strongly urging you to answer this call to help our brother and sister and their children to cope with this devastating tragedy.


I will continue to post news of the ever-changing events that the Chapman family chooses to share. Meantime, please visit their FaceBook page.



Respectfully submitted,


Derick S. Hartshorn