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June 20, 2013 
Dear Shipmates,
Master Chief, Richard Bonfiglio received some sad news from LCDR Ron Gentry and has passed it on. He heard that retired CWO4 Gordon Grampp passed away a few days ago in the Orlando area. Gentry was informed that Grampp apparently collapsed while walking to his mailbox.  Do not know what type of services were conducted, but informed that Grampp was cremated and his ashes scattered at sea. Gentry stated he received this information from Grampp's son.


I attempted to check the Internet for the obituaries in the Orlando area, but was unsuccessful in obtaining any information other than a Gordon Grampp resided in the Longwood, FL, area, and that this individual was in his 70s. 
Although CWO4 Grampp was an individual in "my era," he was a person I heard of, but never met.
NOTE: I found Gordon's address at: 158 Holderness Drive, Longwood, FL 32779-5725. His son's phone number is: (407) 865-6510    --DSH
Reunion plans are firmed up! 
Whidbey-Coachman Inn  





4-6 OCTOBER 2013


Our 39th annual Association of Minemen reunion has reached the final planning stages. All AOM members as well as those who are not currently members. This newsletter is being sent to several hundred present and former minemen. We hope this invitation will result in them joining our ranks and sharing the comradery we have enjoyed since 1974.


Below is a link to the reservation form. If you plan on attending, please return it as soon as possible in order to expedite your registration for reunion events. Your tickets will be made available at the Early Bird, Business Meeting, Dinner and Picnic as appropriate.




The Early Bird, October 4th: Refreshments will be provided for our early arrivals starting at 1600 in the AOM Hospitality Room provided by our host hotel, Coachmen Inn. Check the events board as you register or enter the Inn for the exact location.



BOD and General Membership Meeting: The October 5th Board Of Directors Meeting will begin at 0900 and the General Membership Meeting will begin at 1400 in the Coachmen Inn conference room.


Dinner Meeting, October 5th: The evening dinner meeting will be held at the NAS Officer's Club. For those without transportation, a Navy bus will depart from the Coachmen Inn promptly at 1745 for transport to the Officer's Club. Please see "Security Requirements" to assure access to the base. Return transport will also be provided. There will be a cash bar available beginning at 1800 for members to meet, greet and mingle. Dinner will be served beginning at 1900.



This year, our dinner choices are Roast Prime Beef (au jus with creamy horseradish sauce) or Baked Lemon Herb Chicken Breast. They will be served with fresh garden greens, roasted baby red potatoes, green beans almondine, dinner rolls and butter. Desert will be raspberry, orange or rainbow sherbet. All taxes, service charges, etc. are included in the dinner cost. Because of the complexity of preparation, the cut-off date for reservations for this menu choice is September 30th. Don't be late! Don't hesitate! Sign up now!


Dinner Tickets @: $25 each  

Picnic Tickets (Adult): @ $12.50       

Picnic Tickets (Child 5-12 yrs): @ $6.00

Reunion Fee (Membership-approved fee for incidental reunion costs): $10.00

Annual Dues ($15 as applicable - check your address label for expiration and dues status.

Pay ahead 5 year max) New or reinstatement member fee,  add $5.00           

Museum Donation (tax deductible)    

AOM General Fund Donation (tax deductible)                     

AOM Scholarship Fund Donation (tax deductible)


Make checks payable:

Association of Minemen

Post Office Box 510519

Punta Gorda, FL 33951




We must guarantee numbers of guests for dinner not later than 30 September 2013. We are arranging all this by email and phone calls to prove that we can provide for a great reunion anywhere we want to. Our hosts at Whidbey Island are eager to show us a good time and welcome us with open arms. Because of "guarantee" requirements, however, we regret there can be no refunds after the 30 September date.



SECURITY - PAY CLOSE ATTENTION TO THIS: Our dinner meeting and picnic events will be held on the Naval Air Station. As with all military installations these days, enhanced security measures are in place and must be adhered to. If you have a military I.D. card, you are okay. For others, we must provide a base security access list with your name, dates of birth (DOB) and citizenship (if other than USA). 


Please fill in the appropriate information on this form as follows:


Your (member) DOB   (if applicable/no I.D. card)

Spouse/Guest Name     DOB    Citizen*          

Other Guest Name       DOB    Citizen*          

Other Guest Name       DOB _________ Citizen*      

*if other than USA


Our host hotel this year will be the Coachman Inn located on the outskirts of the town of Oak Harbor. Address is: 32959 State Route 20, Oak Harbor, WA 98277. Our hostess/contact there is Dana Beckman who has provided us with great room rates starting with the basic standard queen-size room at $75.65 per night. The standard double goes for $84.15 for buddies who want to share. Other room rates are available for king size, suites, and apartments. Call Dana at 360-675-1419 for reservations and the AOM rate or refer to the web page for rates. All rooms are equipped with a coffee maker, microwave, refrigerator, iron/board, DVD player and a minimum 32" flat screen TV. A continental breakfast is served each morning from 0600-1000. Gary and Virginia Elliot live nearby and graciously previewed the Inn for us and were really impressed.


 If you are planning on bringing your RV, I am told there are camp/parking grounds nearby. These should be advertised in your RV Campground Guides, but if you need some assistance, email/call me or Dana.


Picnic, October 6th: Our picnic will also be held on the Naval Air Station at the Rocky Point Recreation Area, which is adjacent to the NAS Gallery Golf Course. It is located just footsteps from the Strait of Juan de Fuca and Rocky Point Beach - a relaxing getaway filled with beautiful views and some beach combing. Your military I.D. or name on the access list (see security info) will get you there (I'll try to have maps/charts available at the hotel). We will have bus transport from the hotel, departing at 1230 and returning at (TBD). There is a covered picnic area and open picnic tables and benches. There is a volleyball court for the energetic and horseshoe pits if someone wants to get up a challenge tournament (the last one we had was at the Reno reunion many years ago). We will have the usual picnic fare; beer keg (Miller Lite) hot dogs, burgers, coleslaw, potato salad, and condiments (lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles, cheese, ketchup and mustard. The beer keg will be tapped at 1200. The food will be prepared and delivered by the O- club at 1330. We plan to start the auction at 1400 to accommodate those of you who may have to leave early (we hope not) to meet departure schedules.


Don't forget your auction items! We can be mighty proud of our accomplishments regarding scholarship awards to deserving youngsters - many of them children and grand-children of our members. Our auction at the picnic event is the primary source for these funds, and it is a fun way to put money in the account. We are trying to get Hugh Jackman and Dolly Parton for our co-auctioneers, but you might have to settle for less? For your convenience, Dana says you can mail your items to the Coachman Inn ahead of time, and she will hold them for us. Just mark your package "Hold For AOM". Sooooo - even if you can't make it to the reunion, you can send along something for the auction. Include a brief note and we'll make sure your greetings are heard.


Seattle Air Fares, Airport, and Shuttle Service to Whidbey: Our latest check on air fares to Seattle International Airport using a sample from various areas around the U.S. indicate that costs are about 1/3 lower (some even more) than for those to San Diego. The Seattle airport is located about 48 miles South of Whidbey Island, however, so transport to Oak Harbor will have to be considered. If you are not renting a car, consider the Whidbey Island Sea-Tac Shuttle service which departs from the airport every two hours starting at 0645 through 2245 each day. You must make reservations by calling 877-679-4003. Cost is $35 one way direct to hotel, and includes ferry boat fare. Ask for special pricing for military discount and especially if traveling in a group of 4 or more. There is also special pricing for round-trip. It will be a great way for you to see lower and central Whidbey Island as you travel North to Oak Harbor.


Our Great Experiment: We aren't getting any younger, folks! This year's reunion was planned to show that we can go to just about any location we want to without having to have members in the area to set things up. This gets us out of that rut of returning to the same location over and over again. This reunion offers a new adventure, with many things to do, a wonderful location, and the cost is lower than some of our other locations. Only you can make this reunion a big success by attending and adding to the comradery we have in the AOM. We think this reunion will offer all that you think a reunion should be, and one you will long remember.







This Mineman News is using the new Constant Contact format. It takes a little to learn all the intricacies so bear with me.
Since this newsletter is going out to 500 individuals, many of them non-members, we are trying to sign up all present and former minemen in AOM. We are not just a membership organization that collects names and dues, we are an active and responsive association serving as the flag ship organization for those that proudly served in the Mine Force. A reunion will be held in October at Whidbey Island and we want you to be there. During this year, the new DASHPOT, the AOM quarterly journal, will be sent to members only. Only by joining can you be assured of your copy. 
At the bottom of this newsletter is your name and membership status. Every attempt has been made to ensure that this list is correct. If you are a member and your dues are in arrears, the expiration date will be indicated as prior to "Oct. 2013." If you are a paid member, the expiration will appear as Oct. 2013 or later. If our records show that you are not a dues-paid member, it will be given as "non-member."
The bottom of the form will provide the link to a membership form. If appropriate for you, please click the link, download the form, print it, fill it out and enclose your check and send to: 
Association of Minemen

PO Box 510515

Punta Gorda, FL  33955-0515



Derick S. Hartshorn 



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Membership Record for Derick S. Hartshorn
If it reads "non-member" or is dated before Oct. 2013, please join now.
Download, print, fill out, enclose check and mail the: