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June 21, 2013

Dear AOM officers and senior members,



By now, you should have received one or more e-mails using the new Constant Contact format. I have received many glowing comments on the esthetics and effectiveness of this format already. Several of these e-mails have utilized images to draw attention to the topic at hand. Unfortunately, I am limited to only five images I can use at the basic rate we are currently paying.


Constant Contact imposes this limit because they are obviously attempting to maximize their income with an image add-on option.  We can continue to use a minimum number of images but communication effectiveness would be severely limited.


I propose that we spend just a little more to provide us with a huge library of stock images plus a library of up to 50mgb of custom images. That capacity would allow us to use/create hundreds of AOM-appropriate images and photos.


Constant Contact provides a short tutorial on the usage of images. Please view their video.


The additional cost of this feature would be an additional $5.00 per month ($60.00 annually, pre-paid).  I strongly recommend that we opt for the ability to more fully illustrate our MINEMAN NEWS.



Respectfully submitted,


 Derick S. Hartshorn



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