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July 1, 2013

Dear Shipmates,




The time is getting short for the the 2013 reunion at Whidbey Island, WA. We are trying to make this the best reunion ever. We have never had a reunion in the Pacific North West and the response so far has been much better than expected. There are so many things to see and do in the greater Seattle area. PLEASE, plan on coming, Oct. 3-5. See the web page


We are trying to accommodate visitors arriving at SeaTac airport with car pooling and other ways to save you transportation headaches. If you have concerns about how to get to Whidbey, please contact me.






It's been a while since we publicized the inventory we have in the AOM ship's stores. There are materials that you would be proud to wear and display in public and at AOM runions. Among the stuff we have available for sale are:


-- T-shirts, hats.

-- Challenge coins

-- Beltbuckles

-- License plates

-- Tie tacks

----and lots more


This newsletter will soon make our prestige products available. Please stay tuned for illustrations of the items and an easy way for ordering them. If you have been proud of your service in the Mine Force, you will be proud of wearing and displaying these symbols of our proud heritage






Every once in a while, the vagaries of the ocean push a Mk 6 float ashore. Sometimes it's a drill mine--sometimes its live. 

Make your own decision pending official notification.

 New Jersey-mine-detonated 

 Suspected mine detonated off Bay Head Beach


 Sometimes, it's more than just the Mk 6 float.  Check this out!






So many folks have contributed to the MINEMAN NEWS and the web page that I would like to offer my sincere thanks. I can't dream this stuff up so anything you send me is appreciated. I want any of the following to post:


-- Photos of any mineman activities.

-- Stories, scuttlebutt, anything that you may have experienced.

-- Deaths, illnesses, happenings about fellow minemen.






Minemen are urged to visit the official AOM web page and the one that has a ton of historical photos of mineman activities since WWII. The "UNOFFICIAL PAGE" is a page that I started to display photos of people and activities that are part of our history. Very soon, they will be combined to offer minemen an informative web site that offers current news, as well as a historic showcase of where we came from. The Mine Force was founded on October 12, 1943 (my 5th birthday) which went on to serve as the foremost military force that served as America's first line of defense. During World War II and the Korean War, minemen gave their lives in defense of our country. Today, they continue to serve as protectors of America's freedom


Since I hate to duplicate efforts, I have worked with the AOM web master, Phil DeChene, to consolidate our web sites so that minemen everywhere can benefit from the many topical and informative contributions. Without the many contributions of minemen, past and present, this effort would be in vain. 


Having had the opportunity to explore the Internet presence of other naval sites, I can say, without hesitation, that the AOM has the best potential to be the absolute best presence on the Internet for our unique organization. 


There is no way I can express enough appreciation to Phil DeChene for his dedication to AOM and for his contributions to our web site. Phil has expressed a wish to retire from this responsibility but I have asked him to remain at the ready as the Asst. Webmaster should I need help and he has agreed.






At the bottom of this page, you are given an opportunity to unscribe to this newsletter. I urge you NOT to leave us. Once you unsubscribe, your name will be removed from all of our records and you may never hear from us again. Since we are a unique gathering on sailors who served in the Mine Force, this is your one single opportunity to maintain contact with fellow minemen. And while you're at it, if you know of a fellow mineman who does not belong to AOM, please tell them about us. 



Respectfully submitted,


 Derick S. Hartshorn



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