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August 23, 2013

Dear Shipmates,


 By now, you should have received your Summer 2013 DASHPOT. If for some reason you haven't, or if you would like to browse the on-line edition, SEE IT HERE.  Many thanks to Don Healer for a great effort. Don reminds us that he needs material for the next DASHPOT. Deadline for material is September 1st (which is rapidly approaching).



Word from John Loonam sadly informs us of John (Jack) Matous who has terminal liver cancer. Jack graduated MN A school in Yorktown in 1954 and was assigned to Naval  Mine Depot Yorktown for duty. He left the service after one tour as an MN3 and married a local (Gloucester) girl where he has lived ever since. Jack retired from Naval Mine Engineering Facility in the late 80's. Jack worked in the Weapons Electrical branch at NMEF. Jack is a Pilgrim in the Loyal Order of Moose Lodge 886 Gloucester  where he spent most of his off work available time.  Any cards of cheer may be directed to John who will deliver them to Jack: [John Loonam, PO Box 521, Gloucester  VA 23061]





Larry and wife, Phyllis 


Wayne (Tex) Evans writes about our compatriot, Larry Joe Johansen. See his web page HERE. He and Wayne worked alongside one another at Azuma, 1951-53. Larry had a heart attack on August 13th. His wife, Phyllis, called 911 and he was hospitalized. He will be having a pace maker installed on the 12th of September in La Jolla, CA. Larry is "Navy Strong" and still hopes to attend the reunion. Please pray for him and hope that he makes it to Whidbey.





An old AOM friend and Honorary member (#HO-11), Jorgen Lorenzen, has written to let us know that life for him is slowing down. For those of you who are not familiar with Jorgen, he is one of the few remaining  members of the WWII  Danish Resistance. He authored a book on his experiences and serves as a docent at a war museum in Copenhagen.  He attended the Royal Danish Navy Diving School in 1949 and the US Navy Mine Warfare Training School in Yorktown in 1951. Always a close friend of our Mine Force community, he attended the 2010 AOM reunion in Yorktown. His picture here is recent and reflects, what he describes at age 88 as "life winding down."


I write all this to reflect on the life of a great man and his patriotism for his native country and love of his US Navy comrades in the Mine Force.  His life and exploits can be found on a WEB PAGE that was dedicated to him a few years back. A note of cheer would certainly be appreciated, even by those who have never met Jorgen. His e-mail is

 I would like to invite our members to write him a card. A $1.10 stamp is a small investment to bring cheer to the life of this great man. His address is:


J.S. Lorenzen RDN--Veronikavej 9, DK 2610 Rodovre , Denmark 

Phil Smith, who makes his home in Cookeville, TN writes the following:


"I joined the Naval Reserve to avoid the draft in 1951. My first summer was Boot Camp at San Diego. The second summer I was assigned to the "Swan", AMS 27, out of Long Beach. We swept the Catalina Channel every day for weeks -- but seeing a photo of a minesweeper hitting a mine off Korea convinced me that I was in the wrong end of the business. Third summer was eight weeks at Yorktown, VA, where I became a Mineman. The stories bring back memories."


"The fourth summer I went on active duty. I tell my grandkids that, "I joined the Navy to see the world -- and got sent to Hawthorne, Nevada."



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You should have received your Summer 2013 by now. Material for the Fall edition is urgently needed NOW. Our editor, Don Healer, needs material by Sept. 1st.

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