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September 10, 2014

Dear Shipmates,


My last newsletter informed readers that September 6th was the deadline for Town & Country Inn reservations. Dick Schommer took one look and told me to BELAY THAT! He said:


"Although the time has expired on the holding of 40 rooms for the reunion, you can still make reservations for rooms at the Town and Country Inn for the duration of the reunion. The same price as noted in the Dashpot from Sunday thru Thursday. So it's not too late to call for reservations. 


Remember the folks that you see at this reunion, might not be at the next reunion.







While Shark Week may be over on the Discovery Channel, Don Jones writes about sharks attacking kayakers The story on TV caused Don to wonder if the kayaks used kevlar in their construction.




He writes: "I saw a film clip at Panama City/White Oak many, many years ago that showed a shark attacking/trying to eat a deep-sea mine's mooring line made of kevlar. Apparently, that film clip nixed the idea of ever using kevlar as a mooring line for any of our weapons.


Sure enough Kevlar is commonly used in kayak construction. Apparently, determining why sharks are attracted to Kevlar has not been tested. But, I suspect that somehow Kevlar in seawater creates an electric field that attracts sharks as a food source.


Somebody needs to notify the kayak manufacturers before somebody gets hurt."


Don Jones, Sherwood, TN 







  Toby Horn writes us another "EAT YOUR HEART OUT" message:


"Jani and I will be leaving for a Blue Danube cruise on Thursday morning (9/11).  Please temporarily take us off your 'forward' lists and/or hold non-essential emails starting 9/10. We will have a house-sitter, so phone messages will come through, and you can leave a message.  We get back on 9/25, but will have beau-coo things to do to get ready for AOM reunion and early-early-bird cocktail party.  Thanks for your understanding and support.    Toby & Jani"


Our hearts go out to Toby and Jani for the sacrifices they must endure!




Respectfully submitted,


 Derick S. Hartshorn