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September 6, 2014


Dear Shipmates,


Today is the LAST day to make hotel reservations at the Town & Country Inn if you plan on attending the 40th Annual AOM Reunion. For those who have waited until the last minute, the reservation desk numbers are 800-334-6660 or 843-571-1000. See you there!






Several folks have contacted me lately, submitting the names of minemen who passed away  a decade or more ago. Normally, these names are not reported in the newsletter but will always be placed on the TAPS page whenever I learn of them.


In the past week, I have tried to include further details on the TAPS page to include photos of the grave sites and additional information, where possible, for our minemen family members. The web service known as 'Find-A-Grave' has over 116 million grave listings. I have compared our list with those on Find-A-Grave and have added any that I have been able to locate.


When checking  the TAPS page, please note that I have begun working to accomplish the grave listings and have completed surnames A through C. I will continue, as time permits, to work through the entire listing.


If you know of any minemen who does not appear on the TAPS list, please let me know. If you have any additional details that will clarify their identity, please let me know and I will list the details that will best honor their memory.







Respectfully submitted, 


Derick S. Hartshorn

Communications Coordinator