• To cherish the memories, experiences and associations of our Mine Warfare Forces, Units and Personnel during peacetime and while engaged in the World Wars, Military Actions, Conflicts and Campaigns waged for humanity; To instill and stimulate love of our Country and our Flag; To promote and further patriotic education in our Nation.

  • Ever to maintain law and order, and to defend the honor, integrity, and supremacy of our National Government and the Constitution of the United States; To foster relations among all branches of the Armed Forces, including those of Allied Nations.

  • To acquire and preserve records of U.S. Navy Mine Warfare Force services, including individual achievements and their associated honors and awards; To encourage and assist in the holding of Commemorations and the establishment of Memorials dedicated to accomplishments of U.S. Navy Mine Forces; And to transmit all these ideals to posterity; under God and for our Country, we unite to establish