Miscellaneous Photo's from days gone by..... Page 2



Azuma Island, Japan 1950 Ordnance & 1953, 54 Crew   

Charleston, Subic, Suda & Mickey Mouse Club - Photos by Gregg Warr

COMINEPAC Terminal Is. Long Beach 1960  

 Det Lima, Glen Douglas, Scotland 1971

Haiphong : My last chapter by Joe Hernandez Lt. Ret.

Japan & Point Loma Photos - 1952-6

Keflavik, Iceland Mine shop closed Sept. 1971


Malta  Mine/torpedo shop gang about 1960  

MDAU 0323, NAS Jacksonville, FL (Deployed to Mildenhall, England, Sept to Dec 1962)

Mine Conferences at Yorktown, VA 

Mine Warfare School, Yorktown, VA  56-57 - Photos by Tom Hoffman

MOMAT 0322, NAVSTA Charleston, SC 1964

MOMAU 8 Guam crew at work

Naval Magazine Subic Bay, P. I. 1962, 1968, 1970

Pictures From MNC Chin Sing Jr.

Pictures From MN1 Keith Torgerson

9-57 Mineman "A" Class

4-60 Mineman "B" Class

West Loch (Pearl Harbor) – LST explosions May 21, 1944