9-57 Mineman "A" Class  Yorktown; VA




Back Row:  Wolf, Bo Bellamy, Phil DeChene, Jester

2nd Row:  Gerchak, Tom Hoffman, Foster, Ron Glasen, Herman

Front (and almost center) Curtis Christian

Not Present: Luker, Kirby, Stancik, Combs and Hart


9-57 "A" Class, 2008 AOM Reunion, Charleston, SC

Bob Stancik; Curtis Christian, Phil DeChene

Tom Hoffman, Bo Bellamy, Ron Glasen


Twelve members of the 9-57 "A" Class graduated and five of those members made the Navy a career.

Now six of those graduates are members of the AOM

If there are other "A" Classes that can make such claims please let me know (pdechene@triad.rr.com) and anyone with  "A" Class photos send them and I'll post them.