Pictures  from Greg Warr

Mine assembly shop at Souda Bay, Crete. Mk-56  fully assembled ready to go. Around  January of 73

Mine assembly shop at Souda Bay, Crete .Practice Mk-55 brought up to flight status. These were taken maybe January of 73


l-r Marcus Roberts, Rick  Doehne, and  Sheppard  Roubion.
Dated August 72 Charleston S.C..

Photos from Greg Warr MN-2 69-73

Embarrassed. Navy pilots don't always hit their mark. The parachute didn't open and the mine bounced a dozen times before landing in the local village. The EOD boys are pulling a line from the cherry picker which was in a LST to recover the practice mine. The village was South of the Naval Magazine at Subic.
Michael Vargos , mike relaxing at the barracks at Cubi Point R.P. It
is dated May 71

The USS America. It was the first time it had been to Subic Bay and was tied up at the carrier pier. Dated July 70

NELSON and Gore, Mineman second class. The
day we went out there were four of us and we left the bay and went out to the South China Sea, Background of photo. Dated July 70

Mickey Mouse club.
Mine & Torpedo Div. party at the Villa RoVisa  hang out at Subic City. It was around the bay from Cubi Point and was generally off limits most of the time. If you will notice the photo of Barry Gross. He has a stencil outline of a mouse. That "logo" got started at the mine assembly shop there at Subic. The logo was spray painted on the deflection shields just prior to going back to the magazine, hence very few people saw it before it was to be stored. The next time the mine came out it could have been six months or longer. When Barry went back to Charleston he was assigned to Bravo Co. along with myself and several others that were members of the Mickey mouse club. Our first deployment was Glenn Douglas Scotland. With a seasoned crew and a few new guys eager to follow, Mickey Mouse was added to the paint scheme along with the HBX and other stencils required. Mickey had not been "discovered". When Bravo Co returned to Charleston I think Barry remained .The next deployment was  Souda  Bay. Mickey was still alive and well but reports from Subic had indicated he had been discovered.  I don't know how long the stencils remained on the refurbished mines but by the time I got out The Viet Nam war was basically over and the Mickey stencil was phased out  On the top photos some of the guys. Jan Bays, Michel Milam, Frank Whipple, Romanisco, Barry Gross, and Mike Whitner. I don't remember the conductors name but the song was the theme song from Disney's Mickey Mouse Club. The botom photo was taken at the same, April 71. The second from left was Gorden King and far right was Kenneth Moore. Maybe some of the older crew can ident. the other two.  Hope this puts a smile on some faces  Best wishes Greg Warr MN2 69/73