Subic Bay, Philippines 2011 Photos from Phil Beckwith: Page 2 

I didn't recognize the buildings in the above three photos

Left Photo: Entrance to what was Mine Assembly in 60-61.  The facilities appear to be abandoned.  Just before you get to the Mine Assembly Gate on the big curve to the right there is a new building to the right; new to me anyway.  Asphalt Hill and all the roads in the Magazine are well maintained. Mid Photo: Another view of Mine Assembly. The upper building is covered with vines/green slime and the jungle is really taking over as you can see by the fence. MN1 Ed Caffery and MNCS Billy C. Owen (both deceased) were in charge of Mine Assembly at the time.  Right Photo: What I believe was the Marine Security Detachment barracks.  New to me.  The area back up the creek where the Nuke Shop was located is being used for something. The road was gated and had an armed guard standing watch.

Looking at NAVMAG's main gate from inside of NAVMAG in front of ADMIN.  Another closer view of ADMIN.  Our barracks.  The facilities were converted into a resort. Rooms were built inside, etc.  The building appeared to be vacant and just being maintained.

Across the Street from the barracks.  A night club and restaurant complex (Our Acey Ducey Club was there) was built but again it appears to be vacant and in moth balls.  Part of the resort complex from what I could find out. I went out to the Sky Club and found it was abandoned.