Subic Bay, Philippines 2011 Photos from Phil Beckwith: Page 3 


Manila-Clark-Subic Expressway. Darn it rained hard                             Manila -Clark - Subic Expressway, San Fernando exit. Huge Mall at the exit         Starting on old road between San Fernando and Olongapo

                        Daily traffic.                                                      Chin Sing and I used to fish quite often in this area. We always caught fish, he caught more.            Same area as  previous photo

The EMPTY Carrier pier with its cranes.                                                  An empty bay, no ships other than a rusted hulk.                                    


 NSD These paved yards were going to be used for Container staging. No containers, no ships bringing anything into the port. Part of the funds used to modernize the port were US dollars.

The main circle Route in Manila, the EDSA> If you are faint of heart, leave the driving to the locals.
My guide told me I was good for a Kano, a foreign




War Memorial on old highway between San Fernando and Olongapo., Well maintained and the mile markers signifying the Death March route are well maintained. Side note, there is a Retired US Army guy here in town {whom i had the honor of meeting} who was on the Death March and fortunately survived. Some things he talks about are extremely hard for him to speak about. He is 90-91 years old now and frail.