NAD West Loch [Lualualei Headquarters]
Oahu, Hawaii
Promotion Ceremony
Nov, 1970

Front Row L to R: CPO ?, GM3 ?, HN3 ?; SK3 ?, HN3 ?, MN3 John Notch, TM3 ?, MN3 Reep, CPO ?
Middle Row L to R: MN3 Paul Carlson, ?, MN3 Farrugia, MN3 Gary Domson, MN3 Bob Gill, ?, ?, ?
Back Row L to R: ?, ?, MN2 Ross Greer, ?, MN2 Mink, ?, ?
(If anyone has the answers to the ?'s please E-mail
Derick S. Hartshorn. Thank You)