A. OBJECTIVE: The objective of the scholarship program is to attract young people who are enrolled in an ongoing scholastic or training program leading to their personal advancement in a qualified educational or training field in arts, sciences, or engineering.

B. NAME: The scholarship shall be called the Association of Minemen Scholastic Assistance Scholarship.

C. ELIGIBILITY: There are no restrictions on who can apply for the scholarship program. Normally, the candidate will be under the age of 21 years; however, exceptions can be made for a candidate who is in a continuing education program or advanced technical training course of study. Candidates for the scholarship must be enrolled in a qualified educational program of study or training leading to specific advancement in their respective field of endeavor as the Scholarship Committee may judge pertinent.

D. ACADEMIC INSTITUTIONS: Participating universities, colleges, and trade schools which are qualified by the AOM Scholarship Committee to instruct, qualify, or promote individual personnel in a professional field leading to advancement achievement in either a technical or scholastic field are eligible for receipt of the scholarship award in the name of the designated individual.

E. AMOUNT: The scholarship shall be for an amount of $750 per annum, per candidate. The scholarship shall be applied to the academic year or designated term for the course of study for which the candidate had requested in their application. The Selection Committee reserves the right to award a lesser amount for any given year based on qualifying need, applicability, or availability of funds.

F. SCHOLARSHIP COMMITTEE: The Scholarship Committee will consist of a Chairperson appointed by the AOM President, subject to the approval of the AOM Board of Directors. Committee members, consisting of a minimum of two AOM members in good standing, will be appointed by and serve at the pleasure of the Chairperson.

1. The Scholarship Chairperson shall receive from the Secretary by 1 July all applications and review them for completeness of information in accordance with application rules.

2. The Committee will review applicants scholastic and/or academic achievements to determine relative merit, and determine qualification of the participating/designated academic institution.

3. If a Committee member is the sponsor of a candidate, that member will not comment on the candidate nor will be allowed in the room when the Committee reviews and grades the candidate. That candidate’s application will be reviewed and graded by the Committee after all other applications have been graded. In order to have at least three members on the Committee, it might be necessary for the Chair to appoint alternate Committee member(s) to perform the duties of the excused member(s).

4. The Committee will select two candidates to receive the scholarship funds. If the Committee is advised by the Association Board that special donations have been received from individuals or other sources that were designated for the scholarship program, then the Committee will select the additional candidate(s). The Committee may also declare that there be no awards. The selection of candidates by the Committee is final and cannot be changed by the Association Board or at the General Business Meeting.

G. SELECTION CRITERIA AND PROCESS: The scholarship is to be awarded on merit and potential for continuation in a selected field of either academic or technical endeavor. The award can be for either superior achievement or financial need.

1. Candidates can receive AOM Scholarship Forms S-1 and S-2 from the AOM Secretary at  Association of Minemen, PO Box 2180, Temple City, CA 91780 or use the link below to print the S-1 and S-2 forms..

2. Candidates must complete the application Forms S-1 and S-2. Provide a transcript of credits earned from applicable schools. Provide two letters of recommendation. Provide a study plan covering the scholarship term which provides a synopsis of the field of interest/study, the courses he/she plans to complete, and other pertinent information the candidate feels might enhance chances of receiving the award.

3. Scholarship Committee reserves the right to establish other detailed criteria as needed to assist in the selection process.

H. ADMINISTRATION: The AOM reserves the right to award and administer all funds related to the scholarship program. Income for the program shall primarily be from voluntary personal and business donation, or AOM auctions and raffles.

1. AOM chapters may also contribute designated proceeds from any approved fund-raising event in support of their chapter.

2. Any scholarship award will be provided directly to the qualifying academic institute.

I. SCHEDULE: Applications are to be received by the AOM Secretary prior to 1 May each year. The Secretary will forward the applications to the Scholarship Chairperson by 1 June. Award of the scholarship will be at the Annual General Business Meeting of the Association, normally in Fall of the same year.

J. PUBLICITY: Availability of the scholarship program is published in the Association newsletter and Web Page.

NOTE: Four completed pages are required to apply
 for the scholarship program. Please print out and fill in.



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