Test and Evaluation Detachment
Key West, Florida

Tev Det, otherwise known as the Test & Evaluation Detachment, Key West, FL. was under the operational command of Operational Test and Evaluation Force, Norfolk, VA. TEV DET Key West was responsible for acceptance testing and evaluation before production and fleet acceptance of Mines, Torpedo's, and Mine Countermeasures equipment and procedures. Subsequently decommissioned, Current Navy policy is to purchase, accept and put into production and then fix any problems after the fact.


Mine Shop Key West Test and Evaluation Detachment, personnel 6 Sep 1963.

 Front row L to R: MNC William A. Roberts, LT Herbert E. Sprecher, MNC Stan L.Kosewski, 2nd row L to R: MN2 Neidirberger, MN1 John Loonam, MN2 Bo Bellamy, MN2 Louis Stansell, MN2 Zimmerman, MN2 George Arnett, MNSN McKibben. Back row L to R: MN1 Waldrop, MN2 Curtis Christian, ET1 Dunn, MN1 Samuel English, MN1 Johnson, MN1 Arthur Ziegler, MN2 Walter Peters, MNSN Maron


Key West Test and Evaluation Detachment, Key West Florida, Mine Shop
MNC Stan Kozeski and crew making ready MK 56 Mod O, mines for test.

Key West Test and Evaluation Detachment, Key West Florida, Mine Shop

MK 56 Mines on torpedo retriever - 1964


LCM rigged for mine test phase 3

MNC John Loonam in his Component Test Lab-1964


William A. Roberts, foreground, L-R, LTjg Toby Horn, MNC Stan Kozeski


Newly commissioned ENS, William A. Roberts, goes for a swim
Front, L to R: ?, MNC John Loonam, MN2 Walter Peters, MNSN Ron Miller. Back, MN1 Robert Johnson. 1 Oct 1964. USS John R. Perry (DE 1034) in port.


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