Naval Ammunition Depot -Oahu

Mine Division - West Loch 



Buildings at West Loch - EOD (front) and Mines (back)


Bottom row L-to-R:  James R. Hawks MNC, LTjg B.P. Hernandez OiC MOMAT 0302, LT J.J. Ireland Mine Production Officer, D.G. Hutchinson  TMCM, R.F. "Red" Barnum TMCS,.
2nd row: J.R. Defreese MN3, David L. "Shifty"  Valentine MN3, Vincent J. Malanowski MN3, Al Bauer MN3, Paul D. Jones MNSN, Tommy E. Hogan MNSN, R.R. Beumer MN1, J. Connell MN1,  William L. Griner SN
3rd row:  Frank "Snake" Grisham MN3, Lester N. Lalley MN2, D. Webb MN3, A.B. Hinman MN1, John Caulder MN2, Lorn Sanders MN2, B.G. Gates MN2, Gordon Stanley MN1.
4th row: John W. Hiestand MN2, Tim Vandevender MNSN, George A. Clark MN2, T. Newton MN1, D.M. Moore MN3, Thomas E. Blanford MNSN, John E. Meussig MN2.
5th row: N.T. Older MNSN, Roy Tyrrell MN3, John H. Coers MNSN, Willard D. Voyles MN3, E. Stanton MN3, C.T. Christian MN3, F. Foucault MN MNSN, D.L. Cunningham MNSN

 Not Present: D.R. Glaze MN1, L.G. Bemis MN1, W.H. Sturgill MN2, C.S. Cowell MN2, T.W. Neal MN2, Billy R. Bash MN2, A.P. Ray MN1


[All pictures are Official US Navy Photos and have been provided by Curtis Christian and Al Bauer]

Derick S. Hartshorn - 2014-present
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