All questions concerning membership qualifications should be sent to the Membership Chairperson.

Membership Chairperson

Association of Minemen

PO Box 2180

Temple City, CA 91780


Memebrship requiements from the By-Laws

Section 1. Membership in this Association shall meet the following criteria:
VOTING MEMBERS: Any person, active or retired, regular or reserve, military or civilian who is
a graduate of the Bureau of Ordnance (BUORD) sponsored Mineman Special Training Course and
Mine Craft Mine School, Pearl Harbor, T.H. (1935 to 1941), the Naval Schools Mine Warfare at
Yorktown, VA from 1941 through December 1958, the Fleet and Mine Warfare Training Center at
Charleston, SC, from January 1959 through 30 September 1995, and/or Mine Warfare Training
Center, Ingleside, TX, since 1 October 1995, or was designated a “Mineman,” are to be considered a
voting member; and any person previously or currently involved in any facet of Mine Warfare
including design, development, production, testing, training, logistics, mine laying and sweeping
and/or sea, shore and air mining operations are to be considered a voting member. Any person
meeting the above criteria, regardless of race, color or creed, will be granted membership, subject to
final screening and approval by the Membership Committee. This screening will be to assure the
individual’s qualifications are as listed above. The ability to further distinguish special, senior or
distinctive service membership shall also reside with the Membership Committee, as approved by
the Board of Directors.
HONORARY MEMBERS: Those persons who have made a significant personal contribution in
the area of Mine Warfare, and are selected for honorary status, are to be considered non-voting
Honorary Members. Nomination of an individual for honorary status may be made by any voting
member, but the selection must be approved by majority vote of members assembled at the Annual
General Business Meeting.